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Family of David Greathouse and Pensillah Goodwin

Are you a descendant of David Greathouse? Please join us in our efforts to better document this family by sending your additions and corrections to Greathouse Point.

We are currently rebuilding our database on this family along with all the others. We hope to have them back online soon. In the mean time we have provided the following biographical sketches on what we currently know about the first few generations of this family.

David Greathouse ca 1770 to 1838

Information has been gathered from marriage records, census reports, land records as well as the research of Louise Johnson, Vivian Taylor, Chris Bailey and others.

It is believed that David Greathouse was born in Maryland, but his parents are unknown. A David, born in 1774 or before, is listed as head of household in the 1790 census for Maryland. He is listed in Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore County, Maryland. A Harmon Greathouse, believed to be the son of Henry, is listed in the same area. In Henry's will, he names his son Harmand, and there is a Harmond Greathouse in Two Delaware Hundreds, Maryland, and of the same age as the other two men. Any connection among these three men or to Henry is not clearly established.

David married Pensilla Goodwin 21 January 1794 in St Thomas Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland.

Around 1800, we find David in Kentucky where he owned land. In 1803 he is listed with his wife establishing that the David of Maryland migrated to Kentucky. By 1810 there are two Davids in the Kentucky census. A David purchased land on Canada's Creek in Mason County., Kentucky on 20 December, 1799, from Abraham Cameron for fifteen pounds, 17 shillings - Book. F, page19. The David from Maryland was taxed in 1800 in Mason County, Kentucky.

Copy of Deed Records Courtesy of Vivian Taylor

On 7 September 1803, David and wife "Pensyller" Greathouse of Mason County, Kentucky, sold land to William Wood for 62 pounds. Book H, page 70. In 1804 David appears on a tax list in southern Henderson County, which later became part of Hopkins County. A David bought land in Hopkins in 1807 as an assignee of Susannah Greathouse.

Two David Greathouses are listed in the 1810 Kentucky census. One is listed in Hopkins County, Madisonville and the other is listed in Jessamine County, Nicholasville. The David in Hopkins County was born 1766 to 1784 and shows no adult females; 2 males under age 10; 1 male 10 to 15; 2 females under 10 and 1 female 10 to 15. The David Greathouse in Jessamine County was also born 1766 to 1784 and his household shows a female 16 to 25, and 2 males under 10.

On 20 October 1811 a David Greathouse married Margaret Brittain/Bretton/Britton in Christian County, Kentucky.

In 1815 David Greathouse was accused of fraudulently listing taxable property. This involved 400 acres on Buffalo Creek, Hopkins County, Kentucky, entered patented, and surveyed for David Greathouse, and 200 acres of land on Buffalo Creek, Hopkins County, that was entered in the name of Susanna Greathouse and patented and surveyed for David Greathouse.

It is believed that David the David from Maryland was the one who moved to Illinois between 1810 and 1820. A David Greathouse was listed in the 1820 federal census for Fox River, White County, Illinois, and there are records of land for a David in White County in 1817 and 1820. 10 Nov 1817 David Greathouse received a land grant of 160 acres of land in White County, Illinois. in the south half of the east half of section 25, township. 4 south range

23 Feb 1818 David Greathouse is listed with another land grant.

1820 Census Fox Township, White County, Illinois David Greathouse: 1 male over age 45, 1 female 26 to 45; 1 male 10 to 16; 1 male 16 to 18; 1 male 16 to 26; 2 females under 10; 1 female 10 to 16.

1830 Census for White County Illinois lists David Greathouse with one male 50 to 60 years; one female 50 to 60; a male 5 to 10, 2 females 10 to 15

8 December 1838: Inventory and appraisement of David's estate in White County Illinois. His widow relinquished the right of administration 21 November 1838 to Jacob Hunsinger. Jacob and Peter Hunsinger became co-bondsmen for the administration of his estate on 8 December 838. His widow was living with Henry and Karen H Kuykendall in White Co., IL., in 1850, who may be her daughter Karen. David's widow was 78 years of age and blind. David is buried in the Phillips-Kuykendall Family Cemetery in White County, Illinois.

In 1839 Jacob Hunsinger, administrator of David's estate, paid taxes on 160 acres of David's land in White County Illinois, apparently the same land received in 1817.

Children claimed to be those of David and Pensillia are: Marian, John, Mahala, America, David H and Harmon. Children claimed to be those of David and Margaret are Emaline, Karen and James.

Because the census reports prior to 1850 do not list the names of anyone other than the head of household, it is necessary to go to other sources to make the connection of parent and child.

Marian might be the child in the 1810 showing as one of the females.

John Greathouse married Catherine Hoover 15 March 1820 in White County, Illinois. His relationship to David is showing in a deed 21 Sept 1839. Deed Book 1, page 283, White County, Illinois, John Greathouse and his wife, Catherine for $50 sell and quit claim their right, title and interest in the land formerly belonging to David Greathouse, deceased, to David H. Greathouse, situated in the SE quarter of sec. 25 twp 4, south range 10 east. John and his family are listed in the 1840, 1850and 1860 censuses of Pike County, Illinois. His birthplace is showing as Maryland.

America and Mahala Greathouse are sisters who married brothers. sons of George and Veronica Hoover. The Hoovers lived in Posey Indiana before coming to Illinois. America married Daniel and Mahala married David Hoover.

A write-up about White County Illinois mentions Josiah Hoover who is said to be the eldest living son of David and Mahala Greathouse Hoover, natives of Maryland and Kentucky, who settled in White County Illinois in 1820 and were among the early pilgrims of that county, where the subject of this sketch was born in May 1823. In 1827 the family came to this county, crossing the Illinois river on a pirogue, a large canoe. He erected his shanty south of Milton on sec. 9 where he died in March 1876, in the 79th year of his age. She died Aug 7 1873. The subject of this sketch was married in 1848 to Miss Caroline, daughter of Thomas Smith, an early settler of White Co. He is the father of 9 children, 7 of whom are living - Smith, Alice, Mary, Mattie F, Sidney J., Ida M and Lincoln. "History of Pike County Illinois" 1880.

David H Greathouse His relationship is established through estate information. On 23 December 1839 David H. Greathouse and Philadelphia, his wife, sold their interest in David Greathouse deceased's land to Henry G. Kuykendall.


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